Is maize bad for dogs?

Absolutely NOT, as long as it is processed properly!

As long as they are cooked properly, cereals are perfectly digested by all dogs, unless they are intolerant and/or allergic to specific types of cereals.

During the preparation of dry foods, cereals are subject to an extrusion process that cooks starches at extremely high temperatures. As a result, cereals become highly digestible and can be easily assimilated by dogs.

Cereals, like maize and rice, are an ingredient with great nutritional characteristics because not only do they slowly release carbohydrates, they also are the source of numerous nutrients such as proteins, fat, minerals, vitamins, and fibre, ensuring optimum nutritional balance and great digestibility.

In determining the good quality of dog food, dog nutrition science has highlighted the importance of the nutrients just mentioned as well as the good quality of the ingredients used.

The proteins contained in cereals are not among the main allergenic proteins; in fact, scientific studies show that the percentage of dogs intolerant or allergic to this type of proteins is really low.

If clinical tests show an intolerance or allergic reaction to certain types of cereals, for example gluten (a protein present in some cereals that normally dogs digest perfectly well), eliminating these ingredients from the diet and choosing different food formulations, is the right thing to do.

For these specific cases, ImperialFood offers highly tolerated hypo-allergenic products that contain gluten-free carbohydrates, such as rice and potatoes.