What is the right amount of food per day?

To make sure pets don’t eat too much, digest their food properly, and don’t overload their systems, it’s important to follow the recommended doses shown in the tables, with a 5-15% flexibility that owners will be able to determine over time, based on the individual needs of their dogs.

Our recommended doses are a useful indication that must be adapted to the specific nutritional needs of each dog and depend on individual characteristics (age, level of activity, size, breed, metabolism, illness, gestation), and on external factors (season and temperature). Owners play an essential role in determining how much their dog should eat, because they know them well and are aware of the specific factors that could have an impact on their nutritional needs; they can determine the right amount of food based on their physical condition and body reactions.

The suggested amount is calculated based on the number of calories, i.e. metabolizable energy (ME), expressed in kilocalories per kilogram: the more energy a food provides, smaller the amount of food required.

Our dog food contains highly metabolizable energy values in small amounts of food, thanks to formulations that provide the right balance of nutrients and are easily assimilated by dogs.

This has numerous benefits:

the digestive process of dogs is much longer than ours; therefore, it’s best not to give dogs big portions, and choose naturally caloric products, whose formulation is designed to maximize the assimilation of the nutrients.

reducing the number of times in a day a dog defecates to one, maximum two, besides being an important advantage, is testimony to the digestibility of the product, the high quality of its ingredients and the low content of waste, fibre and crude ash.

it is important not to over feed dogs, especially large size dogs, to avoid health issues that in extreme cases could be lethal, such as in the case of a twisted stomach.

overtime, choosing a highly digestible product that provides the right number of calories, helps save money.

At ImperialFood, we recommend that our customers understand the principals in our formulations and use each one of our products sensibly, making the most of our food in terms of quantity, assimilability, and health.