Why is ImperialFood’s characteristic mix of proteins so important?

ImperialFood offers a wide range of dog food made specifically to meet dogs’ carnivorous needs. ImperialFood dog biscuits contain mainly animal proteins, with a lower percentage of proteins from a number of different high-quality vegetable sources. This protein mix is essential to creating complete, balanced and highly assimilable food.
The percentage of meat in dog food is not the only parameter to consider when trying to determine quality: meat listed as the first ingredient on the label is not an automatic indication of the quality and purity of the protein sources it contains. Quality is defined by:

  1. inorganic matter, i.e. the percentage of crude ash, which if excessive can contribute to gastrointestinal issue; crude ash is one of the best indicators of the purity of protein sources in dog food (lower the percentage of crude ash, higher the purity of the ingredients used);
  2. the nature of the meat, i.e. whether it is fresh or dehydrated meat; the latter is more concentrated and has a higher yield.