Why is the meat not the first ingredient?

ImperialFood products are made using top quality dehydrated meat. The drying process makes meat meal more concentrated compared to the equivalent amount of fresh meat. Fresh meat contains 80% of water, which is eliminated during the dry food manufacturing process, therefore does not add any nutritional benefits: 5 kg of fresh meat are needed to make just 1 Kg of dehydrated meat!

ImperialFood dog food is made with high-quality dehydrated meat, low percentages of ash (inorganic matter) and, therefore, contains high levels of protein. Lower the percentage of proteins in dehydrated meat, greater the amount of meat required to prepare the food; on the other hand, higher the percentage of proteins in dehydrated meat, lower the amount required in the formulation.

In the second case, a smaller amount of pure and concentrated meat with a low percentage of crude ash will be used, resulting in a more balanced and healthier food, easier to assimilate.
For all its product ranges, ImperialFood has chosen to use only top quality dehydrated meat, guaranteed to be pure and healthy.