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Something more about Us

An integrated management system completely Made in Italy and our passion for the highest standards of quality.


Something more about Us

An integrated management system completely Made in Italy and our passion for the highest standards of quality.


reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness  

Made in Italy

We believe in the value of Made in Italy and we are proudly committed to promoting Italian manufacturing excellence.

Our food is 100% produced in Italy and we mainly choose nationally produced ingredients, when possible from selected local suppliers, with whom we maintain a direct management and control relationship.

Our 360° Quality Target

Imperial Food has implemented an integrated management system to reach 360-degree quality in all its company processes using tested analysis and monitoring procedures, and internal and external auditing by specialised professionals.

Monitoring, controlling and maximising company performance by following the principles of Continuous Improvement, allows us to provide our Customers with a reliable, efficient, and effective service and reach our 360° Quality Target.

Our daily strive to reach this objective involves managing supplies, the health and safety self-assessment system, based on HACCP international standards, managing production, research and innovation and sale and post-sale services.

Our 360° Quality Target has become one of our traits, a guarantee of quality and reliability on every level for all our customers and the businesses involved in our processes.

Ethical Commitment

The driving force of our business is our passion for animals and an unconditioned love for nature, and our main objective is to respect their health and the natural balance of the environment.

Food is essential to the Life and Health of every living being. Playing an active part in the nutritional diet of a dog is therefore a great responsibility for both those who produce the food and for those who choose the products to feed their dogs. As producers, it is our duty to maintain a strong sense of ethical commitment in what we do.

Well aware of our responsibility to provide “correct information”, we try to give our Customers and interested parties accurate information that can help them acquire the theoretical and technical tools they need to make the best choices for their dogs.

We are also committed to the environment: we strive to respect it, limiting waste and the amount of packaging we use, implementing a recycling system and prioritising selected local suppliers, to have better control and limit CO2 emissions.

Our Mission

Granting our best friends a long, healthy and joyful life, according to their natural equilibrium.

Contributing to the development of their individuality and to the expression of their potentialities in play, work and friendship.

Doing our canine friend a companion for life.

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It is a pleasure for us answer all your questions and deal with all those who contact us and love dogs just like us!

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