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Pure, ready-to-use energy for sporty dogs

A functional, complete, and balanced diet for healthy dogs that practise sports.


Pure, ready-to-use energy for sporty dogs

A functional, complete, and balanced diet for healthy dogs that practise sports.



Raw materials selected for the nutrients provide the necessary daily calorie intake in a reduced portion.


The muscle energy metabolism is stimulated by a complete range of proteins providing all essential amino acids.


Exclusive range of vitamins to strengthen the immunity system from the first months of the dog’s life


Lively and brilliant for longer, regardless of size, age and lifestyle.

A dog’s diet is extremely important, as it is for humans, because it contributes to build, strengthen and maintain the body healthy, providing it with the energy it needs to carry out its vital functions and everyday activities.

Therefore, as a source of energy, nutrition plays an essential part in the lives of active dogs, whether they play a sport at a competitive level or are active just for fun.

A functional, complete and balanced diet is essential to good physical performance and to maintaining a healthy condition, because it supports physical activity, speeds up recovery and reduces the risk of diseases and injuries during training and play.

Therefore, choosing good quality food is fundamental to enhance genetic, physical, psychological, and cognitive traits and help trainers and handlers: essential for the athletic performance of a champion.

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Linea Energy di integratori vitaminici per cani da allevamento, da caccia e non | Imperial Food

ImperialFood products have always stood out in the international professional and sporting world, thanks to their complete and nutritionally balanced formulations.

ImperialFood Energy and ImperialFood Energy Plus are products formulated specifically to provide a functional diet to dogs that practice sport or are particularly active.

The significant energy values, the high level of digestibility and assimilability, the exclusive mix of high biological value proteins and the vitamin and amino acid integrators in these formulations, optimise metabolism, supporting physical activity and muscle recovery.

For improved performance, during intensive training, daily diets can be integrated with ImperialFood ActiSport: a powerful mix of vitamins, essential amino acids, L-Carnitine, maltodextrin, beta-glucans, mannan oligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharides, and oligopeptides, created thanks to ImperialFood’s research specifically for sports dogs, to make the most of the energy resources and help recovery, before, during and after intense physical activity.

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