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The partner you have been looking for to make a difference

“Ogni giorno, quello che scegli, quello che pensi e quello che fai è ciò che diventi.” Eraclito


The partner you have been looking for to make a difference

A new, young, and exclusive concept and 30 years of experience in specialist supply and dog nutrition.



ImperialFood represents a new, young, and exclusive idea of pet food, but with 30 years of experience specialising in dog food and nutrition.

Why learn more about a Partner like us?

Complete and up-to-date offer

ImperialFood offers a complete and innovative range of Superpremium dog food, which includes product lines created specifically to meet different needs.

The experience and know-how developed in over 30 years of activity allow us to develop new nutritional choices and to stay in step with the times without losing sight of our objective: offer high-quality and strictly controlled professional dog food.

Professional products available to everyone

What all our products have in common is the professional experience that has gone into their formulation.

An unparalleled asset and a guarantee that, as dog food suppliers, will allow you to differentiate your offer like never before.

A successful partnership that leaves nothing to chance

The professionalism that has always characterised our work, the experience achieved over the years and our flexible and agile structure make us a solid and reliable point of reference, able to support our commercial Partners with a 360° service that ensures regular and long-lasting growth and development.

A monitored and constant quality over time, quick response, punctual supplies, direct technical and commercial support with no middleman: these are the elements of a successful partnership.

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It is a pleasure for us answer all your questions and deal with all those who contact us and love dogs just like us!

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